Languages Department Tutors

Tutors are hired by the department each semester to assist students with their studies.  Generally, they work in the Language Lab in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) in Sally Monserud Hall (SMH), although occasionally tutoring sessions may take place in the upstairs ADM lobby.  Tutors are selected and scheduled by each language program’s tutor coordinator. 

Please click here for the current tutoring schedule.

If you are interested in tutoring for the Department of Languages, you will need to apply to the tutor hiring pools at Tutors are hired on an as-needed basis from available qualified applicants, and tutoring is a part-time, temporary position which rarely amounts to more than five hours a week.

Student tutors are tutors who are taking six or more credits at UAA while they are tutoring, or, in the case of summer tutors, will be continuing with at least six credits of courses in the fall. Student applicants should be aware that they may not, by Federal law, work more than 20 hours per week total in on-campus jobs during regular semesters. If you have other work on campus you must tell the administrative assistant at the time you are hired so that you are not scheduled for a total of more than 20 on-campus work hours. Student tutor applicants should search for student positions. You can sort the results by department; the Languages Department is listed as "A-CAS Languages". 

Temp (non-student) tutors are tutors who are not taking classes at UAA or are taking fewer than six credits. If you are not taking summer courses but will be taking six or more credits in the following semester, you should apply for the student tutor position. Otherwise, you should search for temporary positions and sort the results by department. The Languages Department is listed as "A-CAS Languages".

If you have any questions, please contact the administrative assistant for tutoring at

Note: For finals week tutoring schedules, please contact the Learning Resource Center at 786-6890.