Studying Chinese is both more popular and more practical than ever, particularly in Alaska, where a flourishing economy and an active business relationship with China make it a singularly useful language to know. The Chinese language program at UAA is new compared to the other language programs at the Department of Languages, but is growing quickly. Currently, the Language Department offers courses in first- and second-year Chinese, with plans to add a minor in Chinese in the near future. The mission of the Chinese language program at this time is to benefit students majoring in other fields who want to gain Chinese language expertise for use in their future studies and careers.

Since 2009, when they became official partners, UAA has worked hand-in-hand with the Confucius Institute to bring expanded Chinese language and culture course offerings to UAA students and local community members in the following areas:

·Credit Courses: CHIN A101, A102, A201, and A202

·Non-credit Courses and Workshops:

·Cultural Activities:

·Scholarship and Study Abroad:

·Summer Camp Program:

·Chinese Language Teacher Training Workshops

·Annual Chinese Bridge Contest:

As Alaska-China business relations and trade continue to grow, there is an increasing demand for courses in Chinese language and culture. The Chinese language program at the Department of Languages will work with you, in coordination with the Confucius Institute, to create opportunities for you to get to know the Chinese language, culture, history, and people.

Please visit the Confucius Institute's website and Facebook page for more information: