Le Monde online
The premiere French newspaper. A great source of news and information on current events in France and internationally

A French news source. Well worth a look!

Presse Canadienne
An up-to-date news site that includes a picture service, graphics, broadcast wire, audio and online news.

Le Journal de Montreal
A news site that reports on the Montreal and the French-Canadian world. Includes photos, news articles, and financial French.

Dictionnaire de l'Academie Francaise
Try the new search engine to simultaneously query Jean Nicot's Thresor de la langue française (1606) and the Dictionnaire de L'Académie française.

Yahoo! Francais
Browse the Internet as the French do with Yahoo! en français.

Explore the international television channel, TV5 in France.

TV France 1
Learn about news, sports, movies and shopping at the web site for TV France 1.

French Radio Stations
Search all of the radio stations in France by city or by frequency.

Agence France Press
Search the worlds leading news and photo agency in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, or English.

L'Ambassade de France a Washington
Learn about France through the French embassy.

Africa On-Line
Explore a new culture with and learn about the Ivory Coast, Swaziland, or Zimbabwe.

An on-line guide to Paris, check out shopping, restaurants, hotels, and museums.

Travel France
Explore Excites travel guide by city or country.

French Weather
Visit Meteo France, the on-line weather station, bringing you meteorological updates from Europe.

European music on-line. Check out the European club scene and radio stations, or learn about the music publishers, recording studios, or artists and managers.

French in Action
The official site of French in Action. Go to the student page to do on-line activities to improve your French skills.