Why Study French at UAA?
French is the second most widely studied language in the world, and is spoken in many places around the globe. Studying French provides an excellent tool for cross-cultural communication, enhances historical and literary studies, and broadens one's knowledge of English. Come enhance your life by studying French at UAA! 

Students with previous experience in French should contact Dr. Sudarsan Rangarajan (
sudarsan@uaa.alaska.edu), the French Program advisor, to determine the appropriate level for their language background. 

French Major and Minor
Students wanting to major or minor in French must contact your advisor to discuss the program requirements and plan a course of study.  

Double Major in French and another subject
A degree in languages can enhance any other degree on campus and make you a more attractive job candidate.  International Studies, History, Journalism, Business, Computer Science, English, Political Science, and Anthropology are among some of the double majors popular with students. Double majoring requires good planning, and it is very important to meet with your advisor early on in your studies at UAA.

Study Abroad
Study abroad is highly recommended for all language students. Students should begin discussing their options for study abroad with their advisor as early as possible. For information about UAA-approved programs, go to

French can greatly enhance or even become your career. Talk with your advisor for information on the various career options that knowledge of French will make available to you.