Why Study Russian at UAA?
Russia is Alaska’s neighbor, and opportunities to use Russian and to learn about Russian culture abound at UAA.  Many students from Russia study at UAA, and you can hear Russian being spoken on a daily basis.  Moreover, the Russian community in Anchorage is vibrant and active.  The Anchorage School District boasts the first ever Russian language immersion program in an American elementary school, and UAA, Anchorage, and the State of Alaska maintain important partnerships with Russian universities and organizations, especially in the Russian Far East.  Highly qualified faculty members across the university teach courses with a Russia focus.

Placement Test 
Students with previous experience in Russian or who grew up speaking Russian are required to take a placement test.  Please contact Dr. Murphy to determine the appropriate placement test. 

Russian Major and Minor
Students wanting to major or minor in Russian must contact Dr. Murphy (afmurphy@uaa.alaska.edu), the Russian Program advisor, to set up an initial meeting.  At this meeting you will develop an academic plan and discuss the different options on and off campus for students studying Russian.

Double Major in Russian and another subject
A degree in languages can enhance any other degree on campus and make you a more attractive job candidate.  International Studies, History, Journalism, Business, Computer Science, English, Political Science, and Anthropology are among some of the double majors popular with students.  Double majoring requires good planning, and it is very important to meet with your advisor early on in your studies at UAA.

Russia Track: International Studies Degree
The new International Studies degree features a Russia track. 
See the International Studies Web site: http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/intl/

Russia and the Minor in North Pacific Studies
Students can apply 8 credits of Russian study to the minor in North Pacific Studies.  The minor focuses on Alaska’s neighbors: the Russian Far East, Northeast Asia, and Canada.See the International Studies Web site: http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/intl/.

Go to Russia
Study in Russia is highly recommended.  Students should begin discussing their options for study in Russia with their advisor as early as possible.For information about UAA approved programs, go to Russia heading at: http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/honors/abroad/programs.cfm

Study Abroad Scholarships
UAA’s Kibrik Bergelson Study in Russia Scholarship and a variety of national scholarships are available for students planning to study in Russia.  Deadlines and application procedures vary.For more information go to: http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/honors/abroad/intl-scholarships.cfm

UAA Russian majors have pursued careers in teaching and government as well as graduate studies in fields as diverse as Language Policy and Mideast Studies.


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