Degree Requirements

2012-13 Catalog

Complete the Admission to Baccalaureate Programs Requirements in Chapter 7, Academic Standards and Regulations.

Students must complete the following graduation requirements:

Complete the General University Requirements for All Baccalaureate Degrees located at the beginning of this chapter.

Complete the General Education Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees listed at the beginning of this chapter.

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) fulfill UAA General Education Requirements. Courses in bold face are also included in the Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, offered by the College of Education. Students must complete the following requirements and meet with a BLS or CAS advisor prior to entering their junior year and file an approved program of study form with the department. Forms and approved disciplinary areas can be found at, or by contacting the department at (907) 786-6049.

    1. Communications and Writing Skills  (9 credits)
      COMM A111* Fundamentals of  Oral Communication  3
      ENGL A111*  Methods of Written Communication  3
      ENGL A214*  Persuasive Writing  3
    2. Liberal Studies Integrated Sciences (LSIS) Core  (16 credits)
      LSIS A101*  Discoveries in Science  1
      LSIS A102*  Origins: Earth-Solar System-Life  5
      LSIS A201*  Life on Earth  5
      LSIS A202*  Concepts and Processes: Natural Sciences  5
    3. Mathematical Skills  (6-10 credits)
      Choose one course from Math and one course from Statistics
      Math(3-6 Credits)
      MATH A107  College Algebra  4       MATH A108  Trigonometry  3
      MATH A109  Precalculus 6               MATH A172  Applied Finite Mathematics  3
      MATH A200  Calculus I  4                MATH A201  Calculus II  4
      MATH A272  Applied Calculus  3
      Statistics  (3-4 credits)
      STAT A252  Elementary Statistics 3  STAT A253*  Applied Statistics for the Sciences 4
    4. Liberal Studies Social Sciences (LSSS) Core  (21 credits)
      AKNS/PS A411  Tribes, Nations and Peoples  3
      LSSS A111  Cultural Foundations of Human Behavior  3
      PSY  Complete one course in psychology 3
      (recommend PSY A111* General Psychology)
      ANTH A250*  The Rise of Civilization  3
      LSSS A311  People, Places, and Ecosystems  3
      LSSS A312  Individuals, Groups, and Institutions  3
    5. Liberal Studies Humanities Core  (24-26 credits)
      Complete one course from GER Fine Arts list*  3
      Complete an approved Elective in Studio Art, Performing Art or Creative Writing (Must be different from course used for the Fine Arts General Education Requirement).  3
      HIST A355  Major Themes in US History  3
      HUM A211*  Introduction to Humanities I  3
      HUM A212*  Introduction to Humanities II  3
      ENGL A202* Masterpieces of World Literature II  3
      Complete a two semester sequence of a Language, American Sign Language, or Alaska Native Studies (same language both semesters)*. 6-8
      Literature Elective  3
      Complete an approved upper division Literature Elective. (Must be different from courses used for the Humanities/ Fine Arts General Education Requirements).
    6. Liberal Studies Integrative Core  (19 credits)
      LSIC/PHIL A231  Truth, Beauty, and Goodness  3
      LSIC A331  Power, Authority, and Governance  3
      LSIC A332  Science, Technology, and Culture  3
      LSIC A488A Capstone Project I: Design and Research  3
      LSIC A488B  Capstone Project II: Analysis and Presentation  3
      LSIC A392 Seminar in Liberal Studies  1
    7. Two Discipline Area Concentration  (18 credits)
      a.  12 credits in one discipline, of which 9 credits must be at the upper division level (See approved list of disciplines at
      b.  Nine (9) additional credits in a second discipline of which 3 credits must be at the upper division level  (See approved list of disciplines at
      For example, 12 credits in Political Science and 9 credits in English.
    8. Electives  (7 credits) 
    9. A total of 120-124 credits is required for the degree, of which 42 credits must be upper division.