Objectives & Outcomes


The general educational objectives of the Bachelor of Liberal Studies program are to produce graduates who:

  1. Through an interdisciplinary approach to learning, gain a fuller comprehension of the modern world thereby enabling students to confront new and increasingly complex societal issues.
  2. Are able to compare and contrast the methods and underlying assumptions of the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts, and understand the ways in which these disciplines communicate.
  3. Can think critically and communicate effectively with the ability to self-confidently express ideas clearly both orally and in writing.


The specific educational outcomes that support the program objectives are to produce graduates who are able to:

  1. Demonstrate sound understanding of content and methodology within different fields in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts.
  2. Thick critically, cross disciplinary boundaries, and work effectively (both independently and in teams) to solve problems and produce original work.
  3. Communicate effectively in both written and oral formats.