Visit to Rikuzentakata 2012

Monty Dickson's sister Shelley Frederickson, brother Ian Dickson, and Hiroko Harada all visited Rikuzentakata, the city where Monty Dickson perished in the 2011 Tsunami. Ms. Ayusa Koshi of CGP Tokyo also joined in this visit. We visited areas of Rikuzentakata, the temporary city hall building that was erected after the original city hall was washed away by the tsunami, and paid a courtesy visit to Mayor Futoshi Toba and other city hall representatives. We also visited Yonezaki Elementary School, where Monty was teaching on the day of the earthquake and tsunami. We met with the school's principal Keiko Sato and visited the 5th grade English class. Lastly, we also visited a volunteer center and the office of Save Takata NPO Volunteer Organization.

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