MS in Mechanical Engineering

Graduate study in mechanical engineering prepares students for work that requires a greater degree of autonomy and mastery.  A master's degree in mechanical engineering implies not only an enhanced level of understanding of the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, but also a skill set that includes original thinking and an ability to apply advanced concepts of mechanical engineering to problem solving.

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) has a thesis and non-thesis option.  The thesis option includes a focus on skills related to the acquisition of new knowledge and is designed for students who wish to pursue research-oriented occupations or to eventually pursue a PhD degree, as well as to prepare for advanced professional engineering practice.  The non-thesis option is designed for students who wish to further emphasize engineering practice and prefer to substitute  additional classroom education and a comprehensive written exam or a project and comprehensive oral exam for graduate research experience.



Mechanical Engineering Graduate Degree

Graduate Degree in ME
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