Course Requirements


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1. Complete the following core courses (96 credits):

CHEM A105 General Chemistry I (3)
CHEM A105L General Chemistry Laboratory (1)
CHEM A106 General Chemistry II (3)
CHEM A106L General Chemistry II Laboratory (1)
ENGL A212 Technical Writing (3)
ENGR A105A Engineering Computer-Aided Design I (1)
ENGR A105B Engineering Computer-Aided Design II (1)
ENGR A105C Engineering Computer-Aided Design III (1)
ENGR A151 Introduction to Engineering (1)
ENGR A161 Engineering Practices II (3)
ES A209 Engineering Statics (3) 
ES A210 Engineering Dynamics (3)
ES A302 Engineering Data Analysis (3)
ES A309 Elements of Electrical Engineering (3)
ES A331 Mechanics of Materials (3)
ES A341 Fluid Mechanics (3)
ES A341L Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (1)
ES A346 Basic Thermodynamics (3)
ESM A450 Economic Analysis and Operations (3)
MATH A200 Calculus I (4)
MATH A201 Calculus II (4)
MATH A202 Calculus III (4)
MATH A302 Ordinary Differential Equations (3)
ME A280 Solid Modeling for Engineers (3)
ME/EE A306 Dynamics of Systems (3)
ME/EE A308 Instrumentation and Measurement (3)
ME A313 Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics (3)
ME A334 Materials Science (3)
ME A334L Materials Science Lab (1)
ME A403 Machine Design (3)
ME A414 Thermal System Design (3)
ME A414L Thermal System Design Lab (1)
ME A438 Design of Mechanical Engineering Systems (3)
ME A441 Heat and Mass Transfer (3)
ME A441L Heat and Mass Transfer Lab (1)
PHYS A211 General Physics I (3)
PHYS A211L General Physics I Laboratory (1)
PHYS A212 General Physics II (3)
PHYS A212L General Physics II Laboratory (1)

 2.  Choose from the following advanced mathematics electives (3)

MATH A314 Linear Algebra (3)
MATH A321 Analysis of Several Variables (3)
MATH A371 Stochastic Processes (3)
MATH A407 Mathematical Statistics I (3)
MATH A410 Introduction to Complex Analysis (3)
MATH A422 Partial Differential Equations (3)
MATH A423 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (3)
MATH A426 Numerical Methods (3)


 3.  Choose from the following advanced engineering electives (12):

Students are required to take 12 credits from the following list of approved advanced engineering electives.  Of the 12 credits, at least 6 of them must be from classes with the ME prefix.

AEST A608 Fundamentals of Air Pollution (3)
CE A403/A603 Arctic Engineering
ES A411 Northern Design (3)
    (Note: Only one of CE A403 or CE A603 or ES A411 can apply to the degree)
CE A441 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering and Applied Environmental Science (3)
CE A442 Environmental Systems Design (3)
ME A408/A608 Mechanical Vibrations (3)
    (Note: only one of ME A408 or ME A608 can apply to the degree)
ME A415/A615 Composite Materials (3)
    (Note: Only one of ME A415 or ME A615 can apply to the degree)
ME A442/A642 Advanced Fluid Mechanics (3)
    (Note: Only one of ME A442 or ME A642 can apply to the degree)
ME A450 Manufacturing Design (3)
ME A453/653 Renewable Energy Systems Engineering (3)
    (Note: Only one of ME A453 or ME A653 can apply to the degree)
ME A455/A655 HVAC Systems Optimization (3)
    (Note: Only one of ME A455 or ME A655 can apply to the degree)
ME A459/A659 Fracture Mechanics (3)
    (Note: Only one of ME A459 or ME A659 can apply to the degree)
ME/EE A471 Automatic Control (3)
ME A664 Corrosion Processes and Engineering (3)
ME A685 Arctic Heat and Mass Transfer (3)


 4. A total of 132 credits is required for the degree, of which 42 must be upper division.