All students have access to an academic advisor.  Existing students should contact Mechanical Engineering faculty from the following list using your last name.

 Advisor PhoneEmail Room  
 A-CDr. Jeffrey Hoffman
 786-4815 jahoffman@uaa.alaska.eduEIB 409J
 D-GDr. Jennie Brock
 786-4745 jmcferran@uaa.alaska.eduEIB 409G
 H-KDr. Matthew Cullin
 786-1038 mcullin@uaa.alaska.eduEIB 409C
 L-ODr. Nicolae Lobontiu  786-1893 nlobontiu@uaa.alaska.eduEIB 409B
 P-SDr. Anthony Paris  786-1912 ajparis@uaa.alaska.eduEIB 409H
 T-ZDr. Ganhua Lu  786-1106  glu2@uaa.alaska.eduEIB 409D


 All incoming freshman or newly enrolled students are encouraged to contact the College of Engineering student success manager, Crickett Watt ( / 907-786-1085), to explore admission or transfer requirements.



A list of Mechanical Engineering advising FAQs can be found here.  Please note, that this list is a work-in-progress.  Check back frequently and contact an advisor if you have questions which are not addressed in the FAQ.