Funds and donations for this program should be directed to the Excellence in Military Programs Fund at UAA. Each fall and spring semester UAA may award tuition assistance to military spouses using the following criteria:

  1. Application deadlines: Two application deadlines - August 15 for Fall and November 15 for Spring.
  2. Award Priority: Priority in the award will go to students enrolled in a degree seeking program at UAA, but award may be given to any military spouse of an active duty, guard or reserve military member. A spouse may apply more than one time. Priority will be given to first time applicants.
  3. Satisfactory Progress: Student must show satisfactory academic progress in order to receive subsequent awards.
  4. Dropping Classes: If a student drops a class within the 100 percent drop period or 50 percent drop period, the funds will return to Military Program Fund, not to the student. If a student withdraws from a class prior to completion, UAA will at its option, seek return of the funds.
  5. Maximum Award: Maximum award per semester will be $500, determined at the discretion of the award committee.
  6. Documentation: Applicants will need to provide copy of the current leave and earning statement for their sponsor, if working applicants latest pay stub, copy of sponsors pay stub for any off-duty employment. All documents must be submitted in PDF format.
  7. Award Selection: Award will be at the discretion of the award committee as determined by the dean of the Community & Technical College.
  8. Application: Complete the Spouse Scholarship form
  9. Application Submission: Submit the form by e-mailing the document to UAA Military Programs. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted.