Frequently asked questions

  Q: When is registration information available?

A: Registration information is put up on the web site about the first week in November.


Q: When are nation-states assigned?
A: Nation-states are assigned after the school's registration form is received and reviewed.


Q: Can I choose the nation-states my students will represent?
A: No, the Faculty Director assigns the nation-states. School advisors may request countries on the registration form, but the UAA Faculty Director makes the final decision. If you have an exchange student that wants to represent her/his country, you may indicate it on the registration form and also send an email to the Faculty Director, but there is no guarantee the nation-state will be available. Registering early is recommended.


Q: Is each delegate expected to submit a position paper, or is it one per country?
A: Each delegation writes a position paper, not each delegate.


Q: Does each resolution need to have a formal position paper backing it up?
A: The ideal is that each delegate turn in a Resolution Paper for the nation-state they are representing. Please submit Position Papers and Resolutions as a Microsoft Word document (.doc).


Q: Is there a due date for Position Papers and Resolutions Papers?
A: Yes. The due date is included in the initial email with the registration information and reminders are posted on the web site. Please submit Position Papers and Resolutions as a Microsoft Word document (.doc)
Q: Who gets the Position Papers and the Resolution Papers?
A: Resolution Papers should be emailed to the Director of each committee. The Directors' email address can be found on the web site in the Secretariat link. Submission of Position Papers changes each year. Delegates will be instructed where to submit Position Papers. 


Q: What is the goal of the Mock UN session?
A: If held, the goal of the Mock UN session is to acquaint delegates with the rules and procedures of MUN. The rules and procedures the delegates learn at the Mock UN session will be the same they will use throughout the conference itself. Those delegates who have participated in a mock session find it to be most helpful.  A Mock UN session can be cancelled if there is not enough interest.


Q: What goes on in a Mock UN session?
A: At a Mock UN session, the Faculty Director and a number of members from the Secretariat go over a brief overview of MUN committees, decorum, rules, signs, etc. Mock Resolutions are distributed to the delegates attending and they simulate a session of the General Assembly. Students (and advisors if they participate) will then debate the resolutions, make amendments, subtract language, etc.


Q: When are the Mock UN sessions scheduled?
A: Mock UN sessions are scheduled twice before the MUN conference in early February. One session is scheduled on a Saturday morning and the other is scheduled on a Saturday afternoon. They are held on the UAA campus. Notices via email go out to the advisors in January.  Mock UN sessions may be cancelled if not enough interest is shown.


Q: Once the registration fee is paid, if the number of students I registered decreases, will their fee be refunded?
A: No. We do not refund registration fees. Schools are expected to pay for the number of students registered.


Q: Are parking fees enforced during the conference?
A: On Thursday, regular parking fees apply. If somebody has special circumstances, please contact the Faculty Director for assistance.  Parking on campus is free on Friday and Saturday.

Q: How is it determined who gets to speak or make speeches during the Opening Session and General Assembly (GA)?
A: The decision about who speaks during the Opening Session and GA is up to the faculty advisor. Generally the best person to make the opening statement or GA speeches is the most dynamic speaker on the team, the person who embodies the spirit of the country the best.