Student Services

Academic Support

Learning environment:(Computer Lab, Study Area, and Free coffee/tea and snacks)
We offer our students an environment that promotes academic success. During midterms and finals, the Multicultural Center stays open late in order to allow students extra study time.

Scholarship and Internship  Information:
Stop by the Multicultural Center to find out what opportunities are available to assist you in financing your education and opportunities to intern in your area of interest for credit or employment purposes.

Academic Success Workshops/Seminars:
We provide students with various workshops that promote educational growth, provide campus information, and prepare students to successfully enter into the workforce upon graduation.

Student Success Programs:
* Seawolf Success Program for freshmen and sophomores
* AHAINA Program for juniors and seniors


Cultural Activities

Cultural Heritage:
We celebrate the various cultural heritage months by holding events that acknowledge the diverse ethnic population at UAA as well as supporting other university cultural events and activities.

Cultural Clubs:
We encourage students to create cultural/social clubs that offer exposure to the various cultures represented on the UAA campus. Clubs can request registration with the UAA Club Council (


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