The Bachelor of Music, Music Education Emphasis degree is a four-year program that provides initial training for a career in teaching music. This professional music degree is followed by a one-year Master of Arts in Teaching program which completes the requirements for the initial teaching certificate in music K-12. Contact the College of Education for more information.

Students completing a degree in Music will be able to:

  • Demonstrate technical proficiency on a chosen instrument appropriate to the degree with an attendant functional proficiency on piano.
  • Demonstrate and analyze through musical literacy the basic technical principles used in the construction of music and its basic forms.
  • Communicate a knowledge of the various musical periods and representative forms from those periods in the social, artistic and political context of each.

For more information on the BM with a Music Education Emphasis, including admission and degree requirements, please visit the UAA Course Catalog entry.

You are also encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Performing & Fine Arts Academic Advisor, whose contact information can be found at the Contact Us page.