The Department of Music is dedicated to providing leadership in the musical arts for the state of Alaska. This is accomplished through teaching, performance, recordings, composition, publication, community outreach, and other creative and service-oriented endeavors related to the field of music. At the institutional level, the Department of Music, as a unit of the College of Arts and Sciences, provides a vital liberal arts link for the University of Alaska Anchorage.

The music degree programs foster excellence in the preparation of music students for graduate school, teacher training or other careers in music. Music faculty and programs also serve as an important community resource in the training of pre-college talent. In addition, the Department seeks to serve the lifelong learning component of the university mission in that it supports courses needed for professional development and offers the community access to opportunities for continuing education.

The Department of Music offers three degree programs: Bachelor of Arts, Music; Bachelor of Music, Performance; and Bachelor of Music, Music Education Emphasis. A minor in Music is also available.

The Bachelor of Arts, Music is a curriculum planned for those desiring a broad liberal arts education with a concentration in music. Students pursuing this degree sample courses of their choosing in each of the major academic areas while still having time to strengthen understanding and performance in their chosen musical area.

The Bachelor of Music, Performance is a professional music degree. Students focus on the development of skills, concepts and sensitivities essential for success as a performing musician. Students work to achieve a high level of technical competence in their performing area while gaining a broad knowledge of music theory, history and literature.

The Bachelor of Music, Music Education Emphasis degree is a four-year program that provides initial training for a career in teaching music. This professional music degree is followed by a one-year Master of Arts in Teaching program which completes the requirements for the initial teaching certificate in music K-12. Contact the College of Education for more information.

You are highly encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Performing & Fine Arts Academic Advisor, whose contact information can be found on the Contact Us page. The PFA Academic Advisor can assist you in determining which degree best fits your academic goals, plan which courses to take, navigate the UAA application and registration processes and systems, and much more.