My Major Discovery Step One Illustration

Let's get started on this important journey! Take the time and effort to learn more about yourself through accessing the below resources to begin the process of identifying a major.

Meet with your Academic Advisor
for Exploratory Majors

  • Learn about the process of choosing a major
  • Select the best ways for you to explore who you are
  • Review your self-assessment survey results
  • Discuss what may motivate you to select a certain major such as:
    • Your interests, abilites, values or personality traits
    • Outside pressures from family & friends
    • The job market
    • High paying careers

Speak with Family, Friends or Mentors

Seek out insight on your interests, talents, strengths and aspirations to help you explore and learn more about yourself.

Take Self-Assessment Surveys

  • Complete Self Exploration Charts to identify & record your personal discoveries.

  • Explore & understand who you are. Check out the following surveys:
    • Strong Interest Inventory
    • Career Exploration Inventory
    • Values Clarification Grid

Engage in Co-Curricular Activities

Complete the Self-Reflection Summary

Access your Self-Exploration Charts and survey results to complete the Self Reflection Summary by recording the factors which are most important to you in choosing a major. Also, identify majors and careers you would like to further investigate.


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