My Major Discovery Guide - Step Three: Make a Decision

Great job! You have traveled far. It's time to narrow down your options, prioritize your alternatives and make a decision about your major.  Also pay attention to obstacles that may be blocking your path, and the ways you can successfully overcome them to reach your destination.

Review factors that impact your decision

Before choosing your major, become aware of issues that may impede your decision as well as styles that promote effective decision making.

Fill out the Major Decision Chart

Compile and synthesize your self-knowledge and major/career research in order to narrow down your options and make an effective decision regarding the right major for you.

Meet with your Academic Advisor for Exploratory Majors

Reflect upon these final questions to ensure that your decision is supported by key factors that will assist you in choosing the right major:

  • Have you contacted department faculty or an academic advisor to review the requirements of the degree and inquire about key factors in being successful?
  • Do you believe that you have the ability to be successful in the major you have selected?
  • Do you believe your interests, values, strengths, and motivations support the major you have selected?
  • Are you aware of the career opportunities that this major can prepare you for?