My Major Discovery - Step Four: Take Action Illustration

Congratulations! Now that you have made a decision about a major, you must walk forward and follow through with your plan. Keep in mind, as you travel down your new path, it is important to reflect upon your decision and know you can modify your plans if need be.

Meet Your New Academic Advisor

Make an appointment with the academic advisor of your chosen major to ensure you meet the admission requirements and to *clarify the process and paperwork required in declaring a major.

Complete a Change of Major Form*

Complete Part One of the change of major form and provide to academic advisor of your chosen major to ensure Part Two of form is completed by program department. In most cases, the department will submit completed forms to enrollment services for processing.  However, students should ask about the submission process, which can vary depending on the department.

Develop an Academic Plan

Create an academic plan with your academic advisor of your chosen major to stay on track with achieving your degree.

Reflect Upon Your Decision

Implement your academic plan and reflect on the outcome of your decision. If you need to modify your decision regarding your major, please contact an academic advisor for exploratory majors at 786-4500.

*Students wishing to change to a lower degree or same level of degree (i.e. Baccalaureate to Associate or Baccalaureate to Baccalaureate or Associate to Associate) will use a change of major form to declare their major. Students wishing to change from an Associate to Baccalaureate program must apply for admission. Be aware that changes to degree level may impact financial aid.