Self-Assessment Surveys: Dreams, Realities & Experiences

Visualizing your dreams, understanding your realities and surveying your experiences are key factors in helping you make a good decision about your major and career paths. Imagine having a family of five, taking amazing vacations, and gaining a satisfying high paying job. It is exciting to dream about the possibilities without restrictions. However, it is important to also consider your realities. Keep in mind, reflecting on your achievements and current experiences such as internships, jobs, & co-curricular involvement can also provide you with good insight to support your decisions.


Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Complete the Self Exploration Chart: Dreams, Realities & Experiences

    • Answer important questions to identify your dreams, realities, and experiences in order to target majors and careers you would like to investigate further.
  2. Take an inventory that explores your realities  

      Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS) Reality Check
      A free inventory designed to help you identify a standard of living you wish to have (i.e., housing, food, clothing, and leisure) and connections to future majors and careers.
      To access AKCIS Reality Check, enter Username: uaacareerctr Password: 4Student, scroll to Assessment Tools on lower left hand side of page.
  3. Create a personal vision statement

      Visualize your dreams and what you want your life to be in order to establish an academic and career path that leads you in the right direction.
Self Assessment: Dreams, Realities & Abilities

Dreams, Realities & Experiences