Self-Assessment Surveys: Strengths, Skills

Choosing a major or career field that aligns with your strengths can be supported by talents, naturally occurring abilities or skills you have learned. Typically, employers seek two types of skill sets (soft & hard skills) which you will have the opportunity to use or develop during your college experience. Focusing on majors and careers that support your strengths, skills & abilities lays the foundation for your success. 1


Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Complete the Self Exploration Chart: Strengths, Skills & Abilities  

    • Answer important questions to identify your strengths, skills and abilities in order to target majors and careers you would like to investigate further.
  2. Take an inventory that explores your strengths, skills & abilities

Strengths, Skills & Abilities

Strengths, Skills & Abilities


1. Skills & Strengths. Arizona State University. 20 Aug 2013. Retrieved from ASU website: