Self-Assessment: Values

Identifying your values will help you assess if a major or career interest aligns with what you think is important. Some individuals may value the ability to be creative; earn a big salary; or work in a flexible environment. Consider times in your life where you achieved a big accomplishment, and think about which values seemed to rise to the top of your priorities.


Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Complete the Self Exploration Chart: Values

      Answer important questions to identify your values in order to target majors and careers you would like to investigate further.
  2. Take an inventory to explore your values

      Values Clarification Grid
      A free inventory designed to help you gain an understanding of what is important to you in all aspects of your life and target values that are relevant to your decisions about a major or career.

      Work Values
      A tool to assist you in viewing careers that support values that are important to your job satisfaction.
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