Program Introduction

The Alaska Native Studies Program provides the student with:

  • An introduction to Alaska Native ways of knowing and seeing the world.
  • An experiential and theoretical exploration of Alaskan Native Cultures.
  • A series of critical perspectives on traditional and contemporary Native experiences and politics.

Spring 2010
Alaska Native Studies Course Offerings

Do you want to learn an Alaska Native language? Have you wondered how Alaska Native peoples think about time or about their relationship with the environment? Have wondered about the gathering of traditional foods and how the seasonal cycles regulate this gathering? Or maybe you're interested in contemporary issues such as what is unique about Alaska Native leaders and leadership styles? Have you ever wanted to learn to research and write---about Alaska Native issues?

We're excited to offer, The Music of Alaska Natives and Indigenous Peoples of the Northern Region, during spring semester. This course will focus on Alaska's oldest musical traditions—the songs of Alaska's Native peoples. Musical experience is not required for this course. Click on the link for a detailed description and for registration information: Music of Alaska Natives.

These and other exciting topics will be addressed in the Alaska Native Studies (AKNS) Spring 2010 course offerings. See the spring schedule for additional information about specific courses. Click on the link AKNS Spring 2010 Course Listings or the menu link  to view these courses.

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AKNS Internships: Alaska Native Studies offers a variable credit internship. Internships provide an opportunity for students to apply the subject matter of Alaska Native Studies to
the practical life of their community. Internships are available in a variety of
governmental, non-profit and profit settings, and require a formal agreement between
the student, the faculty member and the supervisor; a work evaluation; and a student

You can register for an internship at the same time you register for your other courses. Choose from 1-3 credits for your internship and then set up a time to meet with the AKNS Interim Director, Professor Nancy Furlow  to fill out your remaining paperwork and to set up your internship.

Alaska Native Oratory Society Internships: During Spring 2010, AKNS is offering internships to work with the Alaska Native Oratory Society Regional and Statewide competitions. Email or call AKNS for more information about this opportunity to work closely with Native faculty, university & high school students, and community leaders on the UAA campus, community campuses, and schools throughout the state. This year's theme, Lift Up Your Voices, Speaking For Our Future highlights the Special Topics category in AkNOS that will support UAA's Books of the Year. After registering for an internship, contact AKNS Interim Director, Nancy Furlow for further information.

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Late Starting Classes: Do you need a late starting course? Look at our Spring 2010 schedule to find out what we're offering.

 Lepquinm Gumilgit Gogoadim Dance Group Alaska Native Heritage Center, Mar. 2006 Cupiit Yuraratet Dance Group member Alaska Native Heritage Center, Mar. 2006