Remember to be safe

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

The recent arrest of a suspect in the theft of laptop computers reminds us of the need to follow simple safety precautions to help prevent these incidents from happening in the future.Remember not to leave belongings unattended and to lock belongings in desk drawers.  The University Police Department (UPD) urges people to report all thefts no matter how minor they may seem.  An inexpensive power cord led to the identification of the person doing the thefts.

While in buildings:
•    Don't leave belongings unattended
•    If you use a locker buy a good padlock
•    Lock you office, residence hall or apartment door
•    Be aware of hallway and elevator phones that automatically ring to UPD Dispatch

While walking across campus:
•    Be aware of your surroundings and alert for suspicious people or dangerous situations
•    "Buddy up" when possible or call UPD for an escort
•    Learn the locations of the emergency phones and memorize UPD's phone number - 786-1120

While entering your car/driving:
•    Have your keys in your hand and ready to insert into the lock as you approach your car
•    Lock your doors after entering
•    Secure your belongings out of sight - preferably in the trunk

•    Report suspicious people or activities
•    Be security conscious by watching out for the well being of others
•    If you are the victim of a crime, report it
Please remember that safety is everybody's business.

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