Congratulate Dr. Cathy Pearce

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Please join Kenai Peninsula College in congratulating Dr. Cathy Pearce, associate professor of History, in successfully defending her dissertation last week in London. She will be awarded her Ph.D. in Maritime History from the Greenwich Maritime Institute, University of Greenwich, London.

Two days after defending her dissertation, Dr. Pearce was contacted by Boydell and Brewer, an academic publisher of maritime history. Additionally, Cathy's committee chair states she believes that Oxford, Yale and Cambridge publishing houses will likely be interested in her research.

While in London, Cathy was extensively interviewed and videotaped for the award-winning BBC documentary series, "Timewatch." They are producing a show on maritime wrecking, Cathy's specialty, and are expected to use footage of Cathy throughout the documentary. It is expected to air in England in October-November.

Cathy hopes to focus her future research on wrecking in Alaska so we'll continue to realize great benefit from her expertise. Cathy was a recipient of the FY07 Chancellor's Fund Competition that will enable her to continue her research in Cornwall this summer. The title of her proposal was, "Lured by False Lights: Cornish Wrecking and Victorian Myth."

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