Fight SPAM

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

UAA will cutover to a new anti spam system during routine maintenance scheduled for this coming Saturday midnight. The new system is a product of Ironport, Inc. and will be a major upgrade over our current system. A FAQ has been published on the UAA Technology website here.


The new system uses both reputation and context-based scanning capabilities for analyzing all in-bound email. Messages will be evaluated based on a combination of "who sent the message", "the nature of the message content" and "how the message is constructed". Additionally, the new system has an image spam processor which looks for textual characters in messages that contain images. So-called image spam has become a significant problem in the past year and this capability should improve our ability to screen this. Our existing anti-spam system focused almost solely on message content "signature" evaluation so we believe you will see improvements in spam protection.

The new system will continue to supply each of you with weekly quarantine summaries which show all messages intercepted by Ironport. Messages can be removed from quarantine if desired and any remaining messages will be deleted after 14 days. The new system has no customer-selectable settings so it is much easier to setup and operate by users.


If you have questions about this transition or the new Ironport system, you may contact the IT Call Center at 786.4646 (877.633.3888).

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