The Atwood Estate donates Atwood Family Papers to UAA APU Consortium Library

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Collection of documents offers a glimpse into the lives of the Atwood family

Ed Rasmuson, personal representative for the Atwood Estate, recently arranged for the donation of the Atwood Family Papers to the UAA/APU Consortium Library.  Through letters, business documents, diaries, photos and more, the Atwood Family Papers will offer the community a glimpse into the business and personal lives of the distinguished family, and also the growth of Anchorage.

The Atwood family has been extremely influential in the development of Alaska's social, economic and civic life.  Over a period of almost 70 years, Bob Atwood his wife Evangeline Rasmuson Atwood and their daughters Marilyn and Elaine, made change and progress a part of their lives.  Their efforts and leadership inspired visions of greatness and hope among those who were part of Alaska in territorial days and in the years that followed after statehood became a reality.

Accompanying the papers is a $109,000 gift, also from the Atwood Estate, that will be used to pay for the processing of the collection, production of a research guide and the creation of a commemorative Web site highlighting the family's legacy in Alaska.  "It's quite rare that we receive any funding with archival donations," said Steve Rollins, Dean of the UAA/APU Consortium Library.  "The $109,000 is the largest donation that UAA has ever received with any collection."

The UAA/APU Consortium Library will soon welcome 200 boxes of documents to be processed and archived - a great addition to its 1,000 archival collections.  Existing library collections include the papers of Jack Roderick, Arliss Sturgulewski and former Governor Walter Hickel.

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