Roundtable discussion

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Dr. Barbara Christian, Kenai Peninsula College English professor and author of the book, Belief in Dialogue: U.S. Latina Writers Confront Their Religious Heritage (see the UAA Campus Bookstore), has been invited to join a roundtable discussion during the 2007 National Convention of the Modern Language Association by Dr. Patricia Ward of Vanderbilt University. This roundtable, which explores contemporary issues in religion and the teaching of world literature, will require the panelists to briefly summarize their research and then engage in public discussion with the other panelists and the session attendees. Dr. Christian will share her ongoing study of the multiple spiritual systems that underlie characterization, motivation, and action in the writing of contemporary U.S. Latinas.

The annual Modern Language Association conference is the premier event for university literature professionals in the United States. This year it will be held in Chicago during the last week of December.

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