Percussion Ensemble - Feb. 26, 2008

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

A half-dozen of Southcentral Alaska's most electrifying percussionists will beat out a blend of Western and non-Western sounds later this month at the UAA Percussion Ensemble's annual spring concert, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26, on the UAA campus.

Under the direction of percussion instructor John Damberg, the UAA Percussion Ensemble, comprised of Keegan Brown, Brady Byers, John Hamlin, Dylan Lillie, Erika Ninoyu and Corey Rainey, will mix traditional keyboard percussion and drums with Latin percussion, cymbals, and a host of auxiliary percussion instruments. The band's repertoire spans a range of styles: Steel Band Calypso, African 6/8 Nanigo, Asiatic Dances, upbeat heavy drumming grooves for buckets, an overture based on Japanese themes, and a tune based on Mexican folk songs.

The UAA Percussion Ensemble Spring Concert will be held in the UAA Recital Hall, room 150 of the Fine Arts Building.

Tickets are available in advance from the UAA Box office (786-4849) at $10 adults, $2 UAA students and $5 other students. They will also be available on Tuesday evening, the night of the show, at $15 adults, $7 UAA students and $10 all other students.

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