Play What, Where, Who to celebrate UAA's birthday (1 of 10)

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

ACS PicnicSince it is our "birthday month," February is for "Celebrating UAA's Past." For the next several weeks we will remember the people and events that have made UAA a leading university, and we want you to join in playing the "What, Where, Who" game. Every day for the next ten days we will have a question about UAA's past (the combined history of ACC and UAA).

Chancellor Ulmer invites all faculty, students and staff to a reception on Thursday, Feb. 28, in the UAA Archives (Consortium Library 3rd Floor) where we will remember UAA's accomplishments--and the contest winner will be announced. First prize is lunch for six at the fabulous Cuddy Center Dining Room! So answer as many questions as you can--the facts may surprise you!

To play: Send your answer to the daily question via e-mail to All correct answers will be entered for the daily drawing (yep, prizes along the way). Everyone who answers all 10 questions correctly will be entered in the drawing on Feb. 28.

Today's question is: What was UAA's basketball team called before they became the Seawolves? Respond by e-mail to with your answer. And play again Monday!

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