UAA Web site improvements!

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

IT Services is excited to inform you regarding improvements to the Web content management system (CMS) and its support.

The New Page Footer Shows Date and Author
First is the new web page footer that goes live this Friday. The page footer has been redesigned for a cleaner look and identifying information has been added. This information identifies who updated the page and when the page was last updated. We recommend updating pages at least once per semester. The new footer will be applied to all sites. Check out a preview at: .

Author a Faculty Biography in 5 minutes or less
We have created a new faculty biography element. An element in the CMS is a piece of a page layout that makes authoring easier--in this case you just fill in the blanks! This layout element makes it a snap to build a biography or vitae page about an instructor. This is the first in a series of elements that we think will see widespread use. If you have an idea for a page layout or an element, e-mail us at See an example here:

Web Training House Calls
Want to learn how to do something on the CMS--have a Web specialist come to your location and train you on your Web site. This gives you relevant experience, one-on-one training, and real progress on your site. This has been very successful to date.

IT Services offers 8 scheduled hours of one-on-one training every week. These blocks of time are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. To schedule training, please contact the Call Center at or 786-4646.

The Contact Page has been updated
We gave the contact Web site a thorough upgade. Compare the old contact page with the new one:


UAA's Web Needs Your Feedback!
UAA is a big place, and the Web is moving so fast. If you have ideas, comments, or concerns, please contact any member of the Web Team or Emedia. Otherwise, for general CMS support, please, contact the IT Call Center at 786-4646 or Contact the IT Services Web Team at

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