Attention all Cellular Phone and Blackberry Device Users/Administrators:

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

UAA Procurement Services and Accounts Payable will soon begin the process of transitioning most, if not all, cellular phone bills to an "auto-pay" process using your department's designated procurement card. With the proliferation of cellular phones and like devices at UAA, individual accounts can be more effectively managed, processed and paid at the department level.

Thus, monthly charges paid through Accounts Payable using a department open purchase order will cease to exist with a target transition date to the procurement card to begin with the January billing. Departments will receive a form via e-mail or fax from Procurement Services to be completed and returned. The request will be for all cellular phone numbers within your department, an administrative contact and the cardholder's name to which the auto-pay will be applied. ACS Wireless and AT&T will be supplied with the procurement card to be charged based on the cardholders name submitted on the form.

If you have any questions, contact Chris Mattingley in Procurement Services at (907) 786-6509 or

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