Off-campus dialing change

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

On Sunday, Oct. 12, a change to off-campus dialing will be implemented for users of the Anchorage campus telephone system. Instead of dialing "9" before dialing an off-campus telephone number, users must dial "8" before dialing an off-campus number. The reason for this change is to accommodate UAA's recently implemented e-911 system on the Anchorage campus.

Anchorage campus users may begin using the new "Dial-8" capability immediately. If you happen to forget, the phone will interrupt your dialing with what sounds like a fast, busy signal. Simply hang-up and retry the number by dialing "8" before the off-campus telephone number. Note that this dialing sequence is necessary for all off-campus calling (local and long distance). Remember when dialing a long distance telephone number to add your long-distance code at the end of your long-distance call.

Should you experience any issues with dialing, or have any questions, please contact the IT Call Center at or (907) 786-4646.

These changes are necessary to help maintain a safe place to learn and grow UAA.

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