Cold weather warning

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Anchorage has been experiencing extremely cold temperatures since late December. With temperatures consistently staying below zero, UAA's buildings are under stress. Your office may be uncomfortably cool so please dress warm and walk around periodically to keep warm.

Please contact Facilities at (907) 786-1110 if your office temperature dips below 60 degrees F. The University Police Department and the Facilities team have been working through the holiday period and around the clock monitoring and responding to cold building issues.

Please be vigilant about open doors, windows, cold pockets or signs of broken pipes. Contact the University Police Department at (907) 786-6980 if you experience an emergency.

Continue to be cautious when traveling to and from campus. Keep your skin covered and don't leave your vehicle unlocked while idling.

The National Weather Service is predicting below zero temperatures through the end of this week. Click here for their more detailed forecast.

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