NASA's "From the Earth to the Universe" on view at Library

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

June 2-15
UAA/APU Consortium Library

UAA is pleased to present From the Earth to the Universe (FETTU), a traveling display of breath-taking astronomical images that showcase views of our universe from Earth's perspective. Based on work supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), this dramatic display features images from astronomers across the nation, including UAA's associate professor of astronomy, Dr. Travis Rector. UAA, in cooperation with NASA, is pleased to bring FETTU to Anchorage for a month-long exhibit. FETTU can be viewed on the first floor of the UAA/APU Consortium Library from June 2 through June 15, 2009. This exhibit is free to attend.

From the Earth to the Universe includes images of a variety of astronomical objects that are known to exist: planets, comets, stars, nebulas, galaxies and galaxy clusters. This landmark exhibit will be on display in a number of places worldwide during 2009, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America, the Middle East and North America. The intention is to present this exhibit in non-traditional venues such as public parks, metro centers and airports (among other locations) so the general public can have access to astronomical images in an unexpected way.

Below is a description of the exhibit from the FETTU Web site:

The fantastic images of the Universe captured by humanity's fleet of ground and space-based telescopes are largely responsible for the magical appeal that astronomy has on lay people. Indeed, popular images of the cosmos can engage the general public not only in the aesthetics of the visual realm, but also in the science of the knowledge and understanding behind them. [This] is an unprecedented opportunity to present astronomy to the global community in a way that has never been done before.

For an online tour of the images, or to learn more about the traveling display, visit the FETTU Web site. Hear a podcast of astronomer Travis Rector talking about deep-space images, including several included in this exhibit. See a short video of this talk, emphasizing the images.

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