Recap: 2009 Bike to Work Day

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

UAA Sustainability Director Paula Williams reports that 120 people signed up for the Cycling Seawolves team to bike to work on Friday, May 15. There were also seven other UAA teams: the Justice Center, Intelligently Save Emissions Riders (ISER), Cyclists for Human Development, Nursing, Marine Advisors and UAA Parking Car"ma", with a total of 56 people signed up for those teams. That gives us a grand total of 176 people who signed up, nearly tripling last year's number.

Riders who were daunted by Friday's rain may ride in this week and still take the Bike to Work Survey at the Municipality's Bike to Work Web site. Find the survey on the right side of the page.

And finally, here are the UAA riders who were able to make our photo shoot on Friday, May 15 from the University Center and from the UAA campus site.

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