"Returning to Alaska: what can happen in 50 years"

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Tuesday, July 14, noon
UAA Campus Bookstore

The UAA Campus Bookstore presents authors Frances Ruhlen McConnel and D. Bruce Means and "Returning to Alaska: What Can Happen in 50 Years."

Two members of the first Anchorage High School graduating class of the new State of Alaska return to Alaska for their 50 year class reunion.

Frances has become an accomplished poet and creative writing professor, author of "The Direction of Longing" and the book "White Birches, Black Water." Bruce is an accomplished naturalist, author of "Stalking the Plumed Serpent and other Adventures in Herpetology: 45 Years of a Field Ecologist's Encounters with Exotic Animals," as well as numerous science books, documentaries and magazine articles.

For more information about this event contact Rachel Epstein at (907) 786-4782.

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