Second round of eight-week courses now open for enrollment on military bases

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Registration for the second eight-week courses at Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson are now open for general civilian enrollment. Attendance at the classes requires special base access.

Base and Post Access for Civilian Students

Classes on base and on post require special access permits. Attending classes offered at these locations is a privilege extended by the base and post to UAA students.

Students are reminded they are entering military installations during a time of war. Compliance with all directions of the Army Military Police and the Air Force Security Forces is required while on any installation.

Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson require the following for vehicles driven on the installations:

1. Driver's license, current insurance card, current registration. These are the same items required by the State of Alaska to legally drive a vehicle.

2. Classes on Fort Richardson: To obtain a semester long pass, students must contact the UAA office at Fort Richardson prior to the start of semester to complete the base access form. These forms take up to three weeks to process. Call (907) 428-1228 for additional information.  Day passes are no longer available without a military sponsor.

3. Classes on Elmendorf Air Force Base: Students at Elmendorf Air Force Base are added to the base access list for the day the class starts.  Students must contact the EAFB UAA Office at (907) 753-0204 and provide required information prior to the start of classes. For the first class, stop at the Visitors Center at the Boniface Parkway Gate. Students will be issued a temporary pass. Additions to the access list take up to five working days for processing by USAF Security Forces. Base access is provided only to registered students. Students may not bring additional civilians on the base. If a student needs to obtain a ride to class on the base, only other students with base access or those holding appropriate military ID may escort them. Students holding foreign student visas must contact the Elmendorf Military Programs for specific base access procedures.

4. Base and Post access is granted only to attend classes at the base and post education centers.

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