Spring 2010: UAA Bike Club and Alternative Transportation Week organizers offer you tips and inspiration

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

UAA students, faculty and staff are encouraged to get creative and use alternative transportation to get to and from campus during Alternative Transportation Week, April 5-9, 2010.

Have you been thinking of taking your bike on the bus, but felt intimidated about loading it onto the rack in the front of the People Mover bus? We heard that from lots of folks, so University Advancement partnered with People Mover to create this video that shows you the few easy steps to do this. Alton Staff, planning manager at People Mover, is your video guide, thanks Alton! Don't forget you can track your bus and know exactly when it will arrive at the Bus Tracker. You can do it on your mobile.

In addition, the UAA Bike Club shows off a few of their coolest specialty bikes, and invite you to join their club, where biking is simply a way of life.

We hope their spirit inspires you!

Next video up on this topic will be Chancellor Fran Ulmer, riding the doubledecker bicycle! OK, just kidding, but the Chancellor has an important message about the significance of easing traffic congestion in the U-Med District, using alternative transportation and your Wolfcard, which lets you ride public transportation -- any route, any day and any time -- for free. Watch for that video Friday, and take it to heart.

If you are participating in the Sustainability Pledge now through Earth Day (April 22), did you know you can earn real points toward a hoodie, mug or recycle bin simply by taking advantage of alternative transportation? Check it out here. (You can keep adding up your points through April 30 in the Sustainability Smackdown, UAA vs. UAF for best grade in the Campus Green Report Card.)

Got a meeting across campus? Don't forget that the Seawolf Shuttle is there for you! Click the map on the Web site and you can utilize "Wolf Tracks" GPS tracking -- know where the shuttle is before you leave your office for the stop. You can also "fan" them on Facebook.

Speaking of social media, give us an update on your alternative transportation. Do you ride and Tweet? Bike and Tweet? File your status on Twitter and add #alt_trans to your Tweet so we can find you and salute you!

If you're on Facebook, you can also follow what others are doing at UAA: University of Alaska Anchorage.

Consider visiting our event invitation to Alternative Transportation Week here, where Facebook community members can find out who's accepting, declining or waffling, and visitors can read about the basics of the event.

And put this on your calendar: UAA's Bike Club is revving up for its annual spring bike tune-ups for the campus community. They will take place Tuesday and Wednesday, April 20-21 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. in the usual location.

Note:" Sibling" rivals UAA and UAF are competing in the first UAA/UAF Sustainability Cup Challenge, an environmentally friendly version of the annual intrastate hockey rivalry. The Alternative Transportation Week is just one of the many activities happening at UAA this spring to reduce our impact on the earth and raise our sustainability grade.

Learn more about the UAA/UAF Sustainability Cup and the complete schedule of events.

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