Spring 2011: UAOnline upgrades make e-learning registration easier

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Finding and registering for e-learning classes (distance education classes) just got easier. Instead of having to look up e-learning classes using the Distance Education Gateway as students have in the past, a new service provided by UAOnline (https://uaonline.alaska.edu/and click on "class schedule") now allows students to easily pull a list of all e-learning courses available at all campuses.

The advanced search allows students to narrow the list of available courses based on the types of technology utilized. For example, students can now easily search for classes using only audio conferencing, web or satellite technologies or a blend of technology. The course descriptions also have been expanded to include course-specific information--such as if the course is instructor led or self-paced, lecture style or correspondence--and the type equipment required.

An open search is also available. It will look for keywords in the course title, description or other attributes to assist students in locating the class that is right for them. A student looking for a class on Photoshop, for instance, can now just type 'Photoshop' in the open search and will be shown a list of all courses within the user's criteria that mention Photoshop. All of these changes have been added to UAOnline's already robust search capabilities to allow for easier navigation and registration of all courses for every student and every campus.

Students who are used to the Distance Education Gateway for finding e-learning courses can still use that site for Summer and Fall 2011 registrations; however, we encourage you to surf straight over to UAOnline to find and register for classes in one convenient location.

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