Professor Myrstol publishes article on homelessness and drug use

by Jamie Gonzales  |   

Brad Myrstol, UAA Justice Center faculty, recently published an article, "Risk Factors and the Duration of Homelessness Among Drug-Using Arrestees: Evidence from 30 American Counties," in the Journal of Drug Issues, Volume 41, Number 4, 2011. He co-authored this article with Kevin M. Fitzpatrick, University of Arkansas professor. Find a link to the article here.

The article examines risk factors influencing length of homelessness among a sample of drug-using adults booked into jails in 30 American counties during the years 2002-2003. Interviews were conducted with 30,634 arrestees. The authors found that the persistently homeless were a demographically distinct group with significant social and human capital deficits and distinct health risk profiles, and argue that jails are well positioned to serve as a focal point for the delivery of public health and psychiatric services to homeless persons.

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