Complex Systems: 'Thinking like a system; the energy/climate nexus' - Feb. 24, 2012

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Friday, Feb. 24, Noon
CPISB, Room 105

Please join a brown bag discussion with Dr. Mary Logan on this topic:

Many scientific disciplines have reduced themselves into specialized, competitive silos, protected from each other by separate terminology and reductionist theories. The lenses through which many scientists view the world are microscopic in nature, focusing on analysis using statistical tools that break things down into smaller and smaller pieces. While analysis is a useful and important subset of the overall process, synthesis and evaluation of policies requires using a unifying systems perspective.

How do we frame the connected global problems of climate change and peak oil? Are we asking the right questions regarding climate change? What are our biggest global problems, how do we prioritize them, and how do we find solutions? This will be a philosophical discussion of the role of complex systems science in the big picture.

Come prepared to discuss the issues!

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