Delta Omega Inductions

by Jamie Gonzales  |   

The recently established Gamma Iota chapter of the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health at University of Alaska Anchorage is pleased to announce its first honorary and alumni inductees. Each year, Delta Omega elects new student, faculty, alumni and honorary members based on high academic standards and outstanding performance in scholarship, teaching, research and community service. Election of membership in Delta Omega is intended to not only recognize merit, but also to encourage and further excellence in and devotion to public health work.
Founded in 1924, Delta Omega is a national honor society existing to encourage research and scholarship among graduate students of public health and to recognize attainment and achievement in the field of public health. With over 50 active chapters, Delta Omega and its members are dedicated to ensuring the quality of the field of public health and to the protection and advancement of the health of all people.

Honorary and Alumni Delta Omega Inductees

January 2012 Delta Omega (Gamma Iota chapter) honorary inductees:

  • Dr. Larry Weiss, PhD, MPH, professor emeritus and founding director, Alaska Center for Public Policy
  • Dr. Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH, director, Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project
  • Dr. Tom Hennessy, MD, MPH, director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Arctic Investigations Program

January 2012 Delta Omega (Gamma Iota chapter) alumni inductees:

  • Kathy Allely, MPH, UAA Class of 2008
  • Kathy Anderson, MPH, UAA Class of 2009
  • Vanessa Hiratsuka, MPH, UAA Class of 2007
  • Kerry Pride, DVM, MPH, UAA Class of 2009
  • Tammy Zulz, MPH, UAA Class of 2007
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