Fall 2012: Lync users, don't miss out on training and upgrades

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

UAA WolfLync logoWelcome to the exciting world of Lync! This powerful communication tool gives you the ability to Instant Message your colleagues, as well as collaborate with shared desktops, add voice and video, and even take your extension and make it mobile! Have you ever wanted to be able to create online meetings right from within Outlook? Now you can! Need an easy way to hold virtual office hours with your students? Lync can do that as well!

Training -- Don't forget, Lync is so much more than an IM client. Familiarize yourself with all of the great features of Lync. In depth training is available -- take advantage and sign up today! (Training is no longer available)

Updates for 10/29/2012

Lync Federation -- Did you know that WolfLync can "federate" with other Lync systems? What does this mean? Many Fortune 500 companies and higher education institutions are using Lync. Imagine having an online meeting with another class at the University of North Carolina , or Yale? Would you like to host a video chat with an executive at BP, or Cargill? Lync federation allows for IM/Presence, voice and video with Lync users from around the world! In most cases, it's as easy as adding them to your Lync contact list. In some cases, IT Services will need to allow federation before you can add them. Who is on Lync? Check out these Lync directories:

Windows 8 is here -- If you're curious as to whether or not Lync will work with your new Windows 8 tablet or PC, great news -- It will!  You can download the new Lync client for Windows 8 from the Windows app store.

Attention all Mac Lync Users -- Make sure that you have the latest addition of the Mac Client, 14.0.2. This update fixes bug issues and also allows Mac users to share and view shared desktops with other Lync users. You can download the update here.

Improvements to Video -- Currently, when you are in a video chat, you can only see the active speaker. Soon, you will be able to see up to five meeting participants at the same time, all in crystal clear high definition!  Stay tuned for more updates.

Skype Integration (coming soon) -- Lync will soon be able to federate with Skype, meaning that you will be able to see presence and make calls to Skype users with Lync! Stay tuned to WolfLync news for updates on when this feature will be available. (Spring semester timeframe)

Did you know?

Lync can be used anywhere in the world without using a VPN. Whether you are on the road, travelling for business or working from home for the day, simply install the Lync client on any device, and you are fully connected.

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