Tips to manage stress during finals

by Michelle Saport  |   

Following are some tips for staying healthy during exam week:

  • Visualize it going right. Focus on creating a positive visual image rather than counting yourself out before the final exam.
  • Deep breathing. If you find yourself feeling anxious, long, slow, deep breaths using your diaphragm will trigger your body to calm down.
  • Eat healthy and exercise. Remember to eat regularly and limit loading up on sugar. Try granola bars, smoked salmon, fruits and veggies. Exercise can help calm nerves and focus energy.
  • Sleep. Aim for 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Doing so gives your body and mind time to recuperate before your test, making it easier to recall what you have learned and put things together coherently.

Stressful events can trigger depression and even feelings or thoughts of suicide. Help is available and help works. If you feel stressed out, depressed or are thinking about suicide, remember there are people who care and want to help. The following resources are available for UAA students:

Campus Resources
Student Health & Counseling Center: (907) 786-4040/Rasmuson Hall, Room 116
Psychological Services Center: (907) 786-1795/Social Sciences Building, Room 225
Student Success Counselors: (907) 786-6158/Student Union, Room 204
Campus Police: (907) 786-1120/Eugene Short Hall, Room 114

Community Resources
Anchorage Community Mental Health: (907) 563-3200
Veterans Crisis Line: Dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1, visit or text 838255

For a printable/saveable graphic listing all the above resources, click here. The UAA-ISPI website also features hours and contact information for all campus resources.

For help after hours, from any location across Alaska, contact the Alaska Careline:

1-877-266-4357 or text '4help' to 839863

If you are the friend of someone who is struggling with depression and/or suicide, take the extra time to ask how your friend is doing. Showing genuine concern and understanding is the most important thing, so try not to worry about being an expert or giving the "right" advice. Make a connection.

For more information, consider attending a suicide prevention gatekeeper training during spring semester. To learn more about the UAA-ISPI and to sign up for a gatekeeper training, visit our website.

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