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HERS informational session, Oct. 24


November 2013 at the UAA Campus Bookstore

The UAA Campus Bookstore actively organizes free special events to promote expression and engaged discussion within UAA and the community. With topics ranging from chocolate to Alaska Restricting Laws, there's something of interest for everybody. Check out the full schedule of November events below.

Alumni Spotlight: Geran Tarr


Find out how this Ohio native came to Anchorage, where she now serves as a representative for the city’s Airport Heights, Russian Jack and Mountain View neighborhoods.

Alaska's first governor, Bill Egan, subject of undergraduate research


Political science students study the decision-making strategies of Alaska's first governor, Bill Egan, and win accolades for their work.

Student Spotlight: Alexis Grieser


Find out how Alexis Grieser, biochemistry major/studio art minor, found a way to balance her passion for art and science.

One bird, 6,000-mile migration


It’s a small world. That’s the refrain that comes to mind when you hear Audrey Taylor’s story about a very small, continent-hopping bird. Follow along on a shorebird-tracking adventure.

UAA's retail management certificate garners support of local retail industry


UAA's new retail management certificate will prepare workers for the burgeoning Alaska retail industry. Read about how UAA is responding to industry demand in this growing field.

'The Century of the Self,' Nov. 11


2013 UAA Campus Bookstore Pumpkin Carving Contest


Biological Sciences Seminar: 'Mechanistic insights into the osmotic stress response of a salt-tolerant teleost fish,' Nov. 8


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