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Dec. 13, 2013: 'Stars of the Alaskan Sky' and 'Dynamic Earth' at UAA Planetarium

by Michelle Saport  |   

The full-dome UAA Planetarium and Visualization Theatre (located in the ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building, Room 220) offers viewers an immersive experience, with each show delving into a scientific topic. Most shows are under 30 minutes and followed by a live lecture from distinguished faculty. Tickets for all planetarium shows are available at The following two shows will be the last until after winter break:

"Stars of the Alaskan Sky" with Erin Hicks Friday, Dec. 13, 6:30 p.m.

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what you were seeing? What is that bright object on the horizon? Where is the Big Dipper? In a special all-live presentation, Planetarium Director Erin Hicks will take you on a tour of the night sky and show you what you can see during our long winter nights. You'll learn what constellations and planets are visible, as well as how to look for the moon. Best of all, it will be a balmy 68 degrees inside the planetarium.

"Dynamic Earth" with Erin Hicks Friday, Dec. 13, 8 p.m.

"Dynamic Earth" is an immersive full-dome program exploring the inner workings of Earth's climate engine. With visualizations based on satellite monitoring data and advanced supercomputer simulations, this cutting-edge production follows a trail of energy that flows from the sun into the interlocking systems that shape our climate: the atmosphere, oceans and biosphere. Audiences will ride along on swirling ocean and wind currents, dive into the heart of a monster hurricane, come face-to-face with sharks and gigantic whales and fly into roiling volcanoes. Brought to you by the creators of "Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity."

For more information on the planetarium, including how to become a member, visit the planetarium website.

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