Spring 2014 development programs offered through Human Resource Services

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Human Resource Services is excited to announce our Spring 2014 Training and Development calendar. In addition to a number of very popular workshops, we are also offering two new programs: "Developing Competencies - A Supervisor's Guide" and "Coaching for Exceptional Performance." Taken together, these programs will give supervisors significant insight into how to most effectively work with employees to develop their capabilities.

To accommodate challenges with parking on campus, most workshops will start at 1 p.m. and run until 5 p.m. Registration for all workshops is available on the HRS website.

"Coaching for Exceptional Performance" - March 7 A major part of your job as a supervisor involves developing your employees. There are different methods to make this happen, including traditional supervision, mentoring, consulting and coaching. Coaching not only helps employees solve immediate issues, it develops employees to the point where they are more effective in developing their own solutions on an ongoing basis. This workshop will equip you with a thorough understanding of coaching competencies and the coaching process, allowing you to implement coaching in your department.

"Consequential Conversations" - Feb. 11, March 28, April 8 and May 2 Based on the book "Crucial Conversations," this workshop will discuss the components of conversations with consequences: those that involve differences in opinion, strong emotions and a high potential for loss. Have you ever been involved in a conversation like that? Did it go the way you wanted it to go? The workshop will cover visceral reactions we typically have when involved in consequential conversations, how to recognize when conversations get off-track, how to stop and develop a safe environment where productive conversations can take place and how to work with other participants to achieve desired results. It will also cover the amygdala hijack and how it significantly affects the potential outcome of discussions. Skills developed in this workshop will serve you on the job, in the community and at home.

"Developing Competencies: A Supervisor's Guide" - Feb. 14 and April 4 To effectively supervise, you need to know the capabilities of each of your employees. You also need to know what levels of capabilities are required for the position. These capabilities are best described as competencies. Once you understand the concept of competencies, you can identify what competencies are required for each position within the university, to develop a clear understanding of how you can work with your employees to increase each employee's level of competency. Understanding competencies is exceptionally beneficial for:

  • Recruiting - Learn to identify the competencies required for a position and how to evaluate a candidate's level of competencies for that job.
  • Performance management - Learn to set clear and understandable goals and objectives to increase levels of competency.
  • Self-development - Learn to identify the competencies required for your position and how to pursue development on your own.

This workshop is recommended for those currently supervising other employees.

"Managing Difficult Performance Issues" - Feb. 21 and April 25 Part of being a competent supervisor is having successful discussions with employees about performance. Occasionally those discussions may need to focus on performance that fails to meet expectations or behaviors that are not conducive to positive departmental operations. It is the supervisor's responsibility to be aware of issues and respond appropriately and effectively. This workshop will discuss those situations and help you develop and practice skills for addressing such issues when they arise, providing constructive feedback and positively addressing desirable outcomes. Prerequisite: Attendees must currently supervise regular staff.

"Hiring Winners" - Feb. 7 and April 11 Trying to find the right candidate for a position can be difficult. There are a number of steps that need to be taken to attract and retain exceptional candidates. This workshop will cover the hiring sequence: how to design the position, communicate motivational factors about the position and develop solid and successful advertising, as well as understanding where to recruit and which advertising venues are more likely to source a diverse, highly qualified group of candidates. In addition, you will learn how to consistently use the hiring process-including behavioral interviewing techniques-to screen in the most qualified and capable candidates, and understand why some candidates may not be the best choice for your workgroup. The workshop will also help you gain a deeper appreciation of the ins and outs of reference checking.

"Performance Management for Employees" - Feb. 28, March 4 and April 18 The university is committed to making sure employees receive performance evaluations on an ongoing basis. To assist in this process, this workshop will cover the employee's role in receiving feedback, preparing for and participating in performance-related discussions throughout the year. Learn about setting and tracking performance expectations for your position. Identify how your position fits into the ongoing strategic direction of the university, and ways to maximize your performance.

"Performance Management for Supervisors" - Sept. 26

This in-depth workshop will give supervisors an understanding of the foundations for performance management. It covers the university's strategic plans and how understanding an employee's objectives ties into it. Attendees will gain an understanding of tools to utilize in planning for the performance evaluation, developing performance expectations, how to positively involve the employee in the performance management process and how to set goals and objectives for the future.

"Delivering WOWs in Customer Service" - Feb. 25, March 11, April 22 and Oct. 1 We see examples of good customer service every day. Unfortunately, we see examples of mediocre and really bad service as well. Occasionally, we have a customer service experience that is better than expected-the type of experience that makes you say, "WOW." When that happens, we typically find ourselves talking with friends about the experience and recommending the organization to others. Every position has a customer-service aspect to it and every person here can learn how to recognize opportunities and consistently produce WOWs with customers they interact with. Learn how to set standards in your job, so others will recognize and respond to the exceptional customer service you provide.

"Time Management and Personal Productivity" - March 21 and March 25 Ever feel as if you are occasionally challenged by multiple competing demands, interruptions that redefine your day, making decisions about what is urgent and what is important or feel that you are just spinning your wheels? This workshop is designed to provide participants with tools to help diagnose issues with time management and leave with solid ideas for better organizing the time they have available.

"Recruiting with UAKjobs" - Feb.5, March 5 and April 2 Learn to navigate through UAKjobs, including how to develop postings and review applicants.

We are also working on holding bi-weekly supervisor discussion groups. You can register for this as well as for the upcoming workshops through the calendar. Once you know the workshops you want to attend, click on the Calendar and Registration link.

Most of these workshops can also be presented within department workgroups. Please contact Steve Hinds at sphinds@uaa.alaska.edu for further information. Many of these workshops also qualify for Certificates of Attendance for various recertification needs.

For questions, please contact Steve Hinds at sphinds@uaa.alaska.edu.

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