Feb. 15, 2014: Ramen Day Lecture and Tasting

by Michelle Saport  |   

Saturday, Feb. 15, 3-6 p.m. Dimond High School (free parking available)

Part I (3-4 p.m.): Lecture by Barak Kushner, professor at Cambridge University, England Barak Kushner will visit Anchorage to give a lecture on the complex and delicious world of Japanese ramen. Often misunderstood in the West as a cheap and simple food, many varieties of ramen exist-each with unique flavors and qualities. This lecture hopes to introduce beginners (and aficionados alike) to the interesting world of ramen and its customs. Mr. Kushner teaches modern Japanese history in the faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern studies at the University of Cambridge and has a Ph.D. in history from Princeton University.

His second book, Slurp! A Culinary and Social History of Ramen - Japan's Favorite Noodle Soup, analyzed food and history within Sino-Japan relations. The book has been the focus of numerous articles in the major Japanese presses, including interviews in the Asahi Shimbun (including a page-long feature), Yomiuri Shimbun (including a mention on page one) Mainichi Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun, Tokyo Shimbun, Nikkei Business Weekly and a variety of provincial newspapers.

Kushner's work on the history of ramen was awarded the 2013 Sophie Coe Prize for Food History, the longest-running and most generous prize for food history writing in the English language.

(Lecture portion produced in association with the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.)

Part II (4-6 p.m.): Ramen Tasting Experience different flavors of ramen with various soups and toppings, all made here in Anchorage. You'll be surprised to discover that ramen can be affordable, creative and easy. Join us and explore this delicious world with your taste buds! Tickets for ramen samples will be on sale for a small price.

In cooperation with the Anchorage School District World Language's Program, a licensed food handler will be on site to assist with creation of several types of homemade ramen and soups.

(Tasting portion produced in association with the ASD World Languages Program.)

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