Two international arctic events scheduled for UAA in September 2014

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Arctic Frost

Arctic Frost

Diane Hirshberg, education policy professor and researcher,  provided this update from the International Congress of Arctic Social Services (ICASS) from May 22-26 at the University of Northern British Columbia:

UAA was well represented at ICASS May 22-26 in Prince George, British Columbia at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Eight current faculty members (Rhonda Johnson, Tracey Burke, Gunnar Knapp, Diane Hirshberg, Matt Berman, Marie Lowe, Herminia Din and Heather Hudson) and two retired faculty (Lee Huskey and Sharman Haley), two UAA graduates - Kent Spiers (BA) and Carol McCarty (MPH), and one current UAA MPH student (Diane Rodriguez) participated in ICASS. During the meeting, Diane Hirshberg was elected to serve on the International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA) council.

Coming to UAA this fall

Two international arctic events will occur at UAA. The first is the initial meeting of the "Arctic-FROST: Arctic FRontiers Of SusTainability: Resources, Societies, Environments and Development in the Changing North" project, an NSF-funded initiative to enable and mobilize research on sustainable Arctic development. This meeting, Sept 18-19, in Library 307, will bring a group of arctic researchers to UAA from across the north, including Russia, Iceland and Canada. More on Arctic-FROST at

Secondly, following the Arctic-FROST meeting on the evening of Sept. 19, UAA will host a symposium on the Arctic Human Development Report II, featuring a panel of several report authors, including prominent international scholars. This report provides an important updated assessment of the state of human development in the circumpolar region as of the first decade of the 21st Century, and will be the first large circumpolar assessment of the state of human development in the Arctic since the first AHDR in 2004. UAA faculty members Diane Hirshberg and Lee Huskey are among the lead authors of chapters in this new volume.

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